Valta rolls out its project the League of Pet Industry Professionals

16 March 2018, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, we organized a business conference for pet shops owners to familiarize them with current trends and practical ways and methods for enhancing their efficiency and performance. The professional breeders of Krasnoyarsk Region had also a unique chance to be attend a talk session by Ms. Ekaterina Vershinina, VMD, Veterinary Reproduction and Embryology Specialist, Moscow. The total number of participants exceeded 150 persons.  

17 March 2018, Samara, Mr. Anton Tikhonenkov, Valta’s in-house business trainer, VMD, Moscow, talked to the local pet business on the practices leading to a higher customer spendings and their real in-depth needs which has to be met and satisfied in order to ensure the win-back and net promoter score.

Our partner Ms. Tatiana Bezzhenova, VMD, Elanco, lectured on how to ensure long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks.

17 March 2018, Moscow, Ms. Natalia Shestakova, Head of Valta Corporate University, VMD and Mr. Sergei Konyaev, Ph.D. Biology, Head of Scientific and Educational Department of the Veterinary VET UNION Lab, Chief Doctor in AC Vet Clinic, gave a series of lectures on the efficient vaccination of puppies and adult dogs , including the topics of nutritional needs of pregnant bitches and bringing up healthy litters with the help of professional pet food and diets. We also talked on effective protection of pets against fleas and ticks and discussed the problems of the MDR1 gene mutation.

The day ended up with the ceremony of awarding cars to those 2 lucky customers of Valta who won on the annual New Year Lottery!  

18 March 2018, Moscow, the above-mentioned Professionals gave a short course of lectures on the same topics with the focus on kittens and cats.

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