In accordance with internal marketing policy of our Company we offer two payment methods:

Cashless payment
by wire transfer to Valta’s
settlement account
Cash payment
by paying with cash against sales receipt to driver or forwarder at the time of goods delivery

Please remember that in accordance with applicable legislation of the Russian Federation all settlements with buyers in our country shall be made in Russian rubles.

We understand importance of supporting our clients’ business and the value of money, therefore in accordance with our marketing policy we offer deferred payment for delivered goods to our regular customers.

Payment method shall be selected by a client at the moment of placing order; also shall be defined set of covering documents.

In case of payment with cash against sales receipt, payment for delivered goods shall be made at the time of delivery.

In case of cashless payment shipment from warehouse and delivery of goods will be carried after confirmation of receipt of funds to the Company’s settlement account. You can pay for your order against issued invoice by wire transfer to Valta’s settlement account.


Description of the data transfer process credit card payments

To pay for purchases with a credit card you will be redirected to the payment gateway of Sberbank of Russia to enter card details. We warn you that the bank withdraws the fee for service payment.

If you select payment of the goods' bank card in the time of ordering the payment will be carried out through authorized server processing center, using bank credit cards of the following payment systems:

  • VISA International
  • MasterCard World Wide

We accept all types of payment cards VISA, except for Visa Electron. In most cases, Visa Electron card is not applicable for payment via the Internet, except for cards issued by individual banks. About the possibility of paying with Visa Electron you need to find out from the issuing bank of your card.

On the website we accept all types of MasterCard, except Maestro.

Please, prepare your plastic card in advance. The connection to the payment gateway and the information is transmitted in secure mode using the encryption protocol SSL.

To process payment you need to know:

  • credit card number;
  • Term of the end of the credit card - month / year;
  • verification code: CVV (CVV 2) Code Card Visa / CVC (CVC2) code for Master Card - it is the last 3 digits on the signature strip on the back of the card.

If your card code CVC / CVV is missing, then perhaps the card is not suitable for CNP transactions (those transactions in which the card is not present, and used her details), and you should contact the bank for details information.

If your bank supports the security technologies of Internet payment Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code for payment may also need to enter a special password. The methods and the possibility of obtaining passwords for making online payments you can specify in the bank that issued the card.

Privacy communicate the personal information provided by OJSC Sberbank of Russia. The entered information will not be provided to third parties except in cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Making payments on bank cards is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the payment system Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.


Description of the process of payment by credit card

Please note that payment orders using Bank cards is carried out through the savings Bank only after the configuration of goods in the warehouse Valta.
On completion of process of selection of goods you will be notified through email or sms alert (if this mark is installed in Your Personal account).

To make a payment follow the link from the letter to the authentication server page, where You will be prompted to enter credit card data, initiate its authorization, and then return to our store by clicking "back to store", where the system will notify you of the results of the authorization.

Before receiving a successful confirmation of payment your order will be in standby mode after five days of waiting receipt of payment the order will be automatically cancelled. After successful confirmation of payment your order will be transferred to the mode of delivery at the specified address. In case of refusal of authorization card, you can repeat the payment procedure.

On clearance of payment Sberbank stands 20 minutes, so please prepare your plastic card in advance. If you do not have enough to pay for the selected time or in case of refusal to authorize the card you will be able to repeat the procedure of payment.


Cancel the order, paid by credit card

If after payment you want to cancel part of the order or cancel the order entirely, please contact your account Manager using the feedback form in your account or sending a request to the client Department Valta to the email address specify the name of Your organization and the order number.


Shipping and delivery of the order paid by credit card

Delivery or delivery of the goods at the Pickup, paid plastic card made from the date of transfer of money to our account.

  • Private buyers for the goods must present a receipt with a mark of Sberbank payment or passport holder of a plastic card on which payment was made to order.
  • A representative of a legal entity shall have a power of attorney with the seal of the paying company itself or printing.


Get complete information about the payment terms, as well as offering discounts or delays can have a personal manager of sales department by filling out the feedback form or by phone at +7 (495) 797-34-72, +7 (495) 797-34-73

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