Voronezh Branch

Voronezh Branch

On November 18, 2015 was officially opened Voronezh Branch, which is currently the eleventh branch of Valta.

The modern city of Voronezh is an economic center of Voronezh Oblast and one of the major economic centers of Russia. Leading industries are agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, mechanical engineering and retail.

In early 2011, the administration of Voronezh registered the right to use the title "Capital of the Chernozem Region", and in 2012 Voronezh took 8th place in the ranking of urban environment quality made by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation.

Voronezh is the largest city in the Central Black Earth Region in terms of retail trade turnover. Major market players include local, federal and international retail chains. Since 2006, many shopping, entertainment and business centers of different classes have been built in Voronezh. There are multiple chains of food supermarkets and hypermarkets.

All these were fundamental factors for special attention to the city. Valta’s Regional Sales Representative has been working in Voronezh for more than 5 years. His work formed an actual understanding of the needs of Voronezh’s pet products market, as well as necessity of constant availability of goods in the region, which we were not able to satisfy with the supplies from the central warehouse in Moscow. Decision to open the branch was finally made.

Area of the branch includes Voronezh Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, Kursk Oblast and Tambov Oblast.

The branch will operate in a non-standard format - the warehouse will operate as a wholesale store Valta Cash&Carry.

We support retail pet stores in design of the points of sale of the products from our portfolio, we also conduct training and skills development sessions for sales persons. Currently, there are 10 employees at our branch.

Head of the Branch - Vladimir Vasilievich Nikonov.

Vladimir Vasilievich Nikonov

Head of the Branch of Valta Pet Products, CJSC

Education: All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics, Major - Management, Voronezh Polytechnic Institute, Major - Electronic Engineering.

Experience: in pet products industry - from 2015.

For complete information on the terms of cooperation please contact the Branch Office by phone +7(473) 202-09-24, +7(473) 202-09-32, +7(473) 202-09-27 or via the feedback form.

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