Irkutsk Branch

Irkutsk Branch

Branch Valta Pet Products in the city of Irkutsk, became the ninth and tenth branch of the division of the company. Grand opening of the branch was held on September 9, 2013 in the conference hall of the hotel "Star." The event was attended by representatives of the three regions of the Pet Industry of Eastern Siberia - Irkutsk region, Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Irkutsk is an important administrative, economic, transport, scientific and cultural center of Eastern Siberia. Pet Industry in the region is growing rapidly, customers are looking for high quality products for their pets. Thus, the opening of a branch in Irkutsk will better meet this demand in the regions.

Modern warehouse area of over 500 square meters. m. located at ul. Traktovaya, d. 28. Prompt delivery orders ensures our customers a wide range of pet products in a short time and regularly updated as the needs of partners. In a complex with a warehouse located office and show room. Here you can learn about the latest portfolio Valta, especially the calculations, and get advice from specialists.

To improve cooperation and development in the region zoobusiness managersValta is daily visited pet shops and veterinary clinics of the city and the sales staff to help with the formation of the order in shops provide extensive consultation on the goods and provide training salespeople work with the products. In agreement with the administration of clinics and pet stores management partners Valta is carried out display of goods and place promotional materials and corporate commercial equipment.

Today, the branch employs 10 people.

The head of the branch director Sinkova Yulia Pavlovna.

Yulia Pavlovna Sinkova

Director of Irkutsk branch of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Education: Irkutsk Technical School of Soviet Trade, specialty and quot; Commodity and organization of trade in food.

Experience: since 2015.

Irkutsk branch is actively working on organizing and conducting marketing activities and specialized programs, among which are: major exhibitions of dogs and cats, veterinary congresses, promotional and retrobonusnye programs for clients and more. On the basis of our branch are trained salespeople pet stores under the League professional zoobusiness.

Get complete information about the conditions of cooperation can, by contacting the branch office at +7 (395) 250 34 72, +7 (395) 250 34 73 or fill in the feedback form.

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