Rostov-on-Don Branch

Rostov-on-Don Branch

Rostov-on-Don Branch was opened in September 2009 and became the fourth in the regional network Valta and the most "southern" division of the company.

Rostov-on-Don is the largest city in southern Russia, the administrative center of the Rostov region and the entire Southern Federal District.

The town, which separates Europe and Asia, often referred to as "the capital of the South of Russia" is actively developing. In 2012, Rostov-on-Don took 5th place in the "top quality of the urban environment", which reflects the growth of welfare. More and more people give birth to pets, in response to the needs of the Pet industry who develop the region.

Back in 2009 our branch held a little more than a warehouse of 640 sq.metres, In the state there were only 11 employees. Over time, the branch started to gain momentum, and in July 2011 we had to move to a new, large in size and conveniently located warehouses and offices.

Today the branch has a streamlined organizational structure, equipped with a storage space, an area of over 1000 square meters. m and development of logistics. The staff of 23 people, and includes the following departments: administration, sales, accounting, "back office" and the warehouse.

The head of the branch director Nikolai Borisovich Katasonov having 17 years of experience in managerial positions.

Nikolai Borisovich Katasonov

Director of Rostov-on-Don branch of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Education: Rostov State Transport University, specialty "engineer-electrician".

Experience: 17 years in managerial positions. They are 9 years old - Director of the company Samson (a major operator in the market of office supplies). Since 2009 - work in Valta.

The territory of the implementation of the sales branch - the entire Southern Federal District, as well as part of the Volga region: Rostov-on-Don, Rostov region, Krasnodar region, Stavropol Territory, Adygea Republic, the Republic of the North Caucasus region of Volgograd and Astrakhan. The client base of the branch is actively growing, and will definitely increase the number of members of the Клуба заводчиков "Валта".

Branch sales team consists of 10 professional employees who are assigned to each client as personal managers: managers work with pet stores, veterinarians, breeder-managers, regional managers and employees of "back office". In addition, the Krasnodar and Volgograd are two reseller (RTP), professional activity which meets the high standards of customer service, adopted in our company.

Controls the operation of the branch sales staff Sergey Valentinovich Goncharov.

Sergey Valentinovich Goncharov

Head of Sales Department of the Rostov branch of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Education: Don State Technical University, specialty "Instrument".

Experience: career began with the work of the sales representative. Currently no experience in direct sales - more than 13 years, of which more than 8 years took managerial activity. The most important, successful and valuable was the experience accumulated over 7 years with the company "Wimm-Bill-Dann".

Storage space Rostov branch equipped with pallet racks and mesh, equipped with stacker, hydraulic and mechanical trolleys. This ensures that all customers needed goods catalog Valta. The goods are delivered daily to the city and the region on a weekly basis in accordance with the developed and established routes.

The stock is a small showroom where customers can visually assess the proposal of our catalog, select the new position for expanding the range of own retail outlets, as well as get advice on products from professionals.

The Corporate Challenge subsidiary won in the nomination "The best branch of the quarter" in the 2nd quarter of 2010, in the 1st and in the 2nd quarter of 2013 the unit was also observed in the nomination "For the highest sales growth rate of feed Eukanuba & Iams in 2011 "and" For the best results in sales of veterinary brands in 2012". Rostov-on-Don branch regularly takes part in organizing and conducting marketing activities and specialized programs, among which are: international exhibition "Pets of the South of Russia", the Conference of the Don Association of Veterinarians, the international exhibition "Great Caucasus", Sochi Veterinary Congress, international exhibition "ParkZoo." On the basis of our branch seminars in the framework of the League professional zoobusiness.

Get complete information about the conditions of cooperation can, by contacting the branch office by phone: +7 (863) 230-44-63, 230-44-65 or fill in the feedback form.

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