St. Petersburg Branch

St. Petersburg branch

Branch office in St. Petersburg is the eldest "daughter" of our company and occupies a special place in the broader regional network. The official opening of this division was held on August 10, 1996, only four months later than the opening of the Central office in Moscow.

A beautiful city with a rich history, the largest scientific and cultural center of Russia, St. Petersburg is the major economic center of the country. The financial market of the city is the second largest among the regions in Russia.

All this leads to dynamic growth in zoo industry throughout the Northwest region, in pet stores and veterinary clinics which the products of our portfolio delivers a branch in St. Petersburg.

The state branch of 29 people, and includes the following departments: administration, sales, accounting, "back office" and the warehouse.

The office, located  to the address: Latyshskikh Strelkov, 29, Bldg. 3, working together a team of 12 employees engaged in the whole scope of work in the areas of sales and product promotion on zoorynke region.

For qualitative work with clients of different professional areas of their functional sales staff are divided into branch managers to work with pet stores and veterinarians who work with clinics. Through this division we are able to ensure the effective development of our clients' businesses. Regional manager makes trips to nearby towns to visit shops, ordering, carrying out consultations on the products.

To help managers staff "back office" to carry out reception of orders, as well as the design of the package of accompanying documents.

In 2011, a branch office in St. Petersburg has become the most successful in the implementation of new products. In 2011 and 2012, the unit was awarded the title "Best Branch quarter" (according to the results of the 2nd quarter). These awards reflect the desire of the branch team to achieve goals, responsibility and professionalism when dealing with customers.

The branch office in St. Petersburg has a small showroom where customers can visually assess the proposal of our catalog, select the new position for expanding the range of own retail outlets, as well as get advice on products from professionals.

In the warehouses, a branch of over 700 square meters for customers Valta kept all the necessary products that are promptly delivered to anywhere in the Northwest region. Presale preparation, including the labeling of products, as well as assembly of orders, carried out 14 warehouse workers.

Our branch has been actively marketing job: sponsorship of specialized exhibitions, participation in the Pet Industry trade events, advertising in the media and others. The branch is also the sponsor of the International scientific and practical conference "Baltic Forum of veterinary medicine and food safety."

Retail pet stores, we provide support in the design of points of sale of our portfolio of products, as well as provide training and retraining of sellers.

Get complete information about the conditions of cooperation can, by contacting the branch office by phone: +7 (812) 649-77-81, 649-77-84 or fill in the feedback form.

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