Moscow Branch

The central office in Moscow

The central office of Valta Pet Products, but rather the heart and the control center of the company, located in the capital of our country - Moscow. Inauguration of the headquarters took place on 12 April 1996, it is this day is considered the beginning of the official history of the Valta. Coincidentally, April 12 is also the holiday that symbolizes the breakthrough into the unknown space. Similarly, the creation of the Valta was significant and the starting event for the development of the domestic zoo industry.

Over the years, the market Valta won the honorary title of the largest Russian distributor of Pet Industry. So, today in the company's portfolio of more than 40 brands of the world's leading producers (USA, Europe, Japan, Russia), in the past 8 years Valta opened 12 branches and expand its regional network of up to 15 units and covering all the territory from the west to the east side our vast country.

In the Moscow division is the main parts of the organization - central warehouse, office, accounting, marketing, logistics and procurement, and, of course, the Moscow sales department. Total warehouse area, equipped with the latest technology, is nearly 9000 square meters. Here are located the goods product portfolio Valta. All products undergo a mandatory pre-training and checking for compliance with legal requirements of the Russian Federation. And only after that it gets on the shelves of retail outlets of our customers.

Delivery of orders to Moscow by using the company's own transport within 24-48 hours of placing the order or car proven and reliable transport companies. Delivery of products is carried out in the Moscow region on schedule, which is available from the personal manager.

Our fleet is represented by trucks of different weight categories. Upon delivery of the goods accompany the freight forwarder that transmits client products and the package of documents, and also receives money for the goods (for cash payment). Upon delivery to other regions using hired transport large transport companies.

Well coordinated work of the purchasing department and logistics Valta allows you to maintain an optimal flow of imported products not only in the central warehouse, but the branches and warehouses. In addition, the marketing department is constantly working to find new ways of promoting goods, the development of promotional offers, recommendations on calculations for retail customers, and more.

Employees of the department of accounting and client department, in addition to their immediate problems, monitor the status of settlements, engaged in registration of returns, and the preparation of acts of reconciliation with customers.

The central office is managed by two divisions of Sales - "Moscow and Moscow region" and "the Centre".

Divisions Moscow and Moscow region


Team Division Moscow and Moscow region consists of 7 departments, bringing together more than 60 employees whose professional activity meets the high standards of customer service, adopted in our company.

Manages the sales department of Moscow and Moscow region Svetlana Aleksandrovna Gorokhova

Svetlana Aleksandrovna Gorokhova of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Director of Division for Moscow and Moscow Region

Education: Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology. Skryabin, specialty "Veterinary".

Experience: started professional activity in the field of direct sales in the company Glavzvertorg in Valta has gone from sales manager to director of the division!

In its submission are heads of department on work with key clients, and the veterinary department of the Moscow sales department on work with breeders, as well as client department store and wholesale Valta Cash&Carry.

Department on work with key accaunts

The department carries out direct sales of federal and local (on the territory of the Moscow region) network of pet stores. The state department of 15 people. This personal network managers, assistants, and sales representatives, engaged in work on staff training networks (including the display of goods directly to retail outlets).

Manages the work of the department Olga Mikhaelovna Kuzmina, has 20 years of experience in direct sales.

Olga Mikhaelovna Kuzmina

Head of department on work with key clients of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Education: Russian State Agrarian University - ICCA them. KA Timiryazeva specialty «Scientist - agronomist."

Experience: started professional activity in the field of direct sales in the wholesale and retail company (specialization - food) in the zoo industry works since 2005, the company "Valta" came to the position of manager to work with key accaunts and has gone to the head of the department.

Moscow sales department

The department carries out direct sales in pet stores in Moscow and the Moscow region. For all customers in the Moscow region 11 secured personal managers, 6 of which are working with clients in Moscow and 5 - with clients of the Moscow region.

Control the operation of the two employees of the department supervisor Natalya Palagina.

Veterinary sales department

The work of employees of department focused on cooperation with veterinary clinics and veterinarians in Moscow and the Moscow region. The state department of 6 employees with university veterinary education.

Department on work with breeders

The Division includes the maintenance and development of the "Club of professional breeders Valta", as well as cooperation with the pet kennels and clubs (canine and feline) in Moscow and the Moscow region. The state department of 5 employees who not only carry out the sales process, but also provide extensive consultation on the goods to customers as well as being committed to production portfolio Valta is well familiar with it.

This department is headed by Catherine Artemovna Bukharova.

Department for work with non-specialized retail

The department sells the federal and local distribution networks in areas «DIY» (an abbreviation of the English. Do It Yourself - «do it yourself" shops OBI, your house, Auchan Garden Centre) and "products" (shops ABC of Taste, Scarlet Sails METRO, Hyper).

He manages the department Director of Moscow and Moscow Region Svetlana Aleksandrovna Gorokhova.

The Department accounts receivable (client Department)

The Department in taking orders over the phone, or "back office", provides operational assistance to clients in Moscow and the Moscow region in the processing of applications and the formation of the package of supporting documents. In the state Department of 10 employees who not only take orders by phone, and will be given detailed advice on the products and inform customers on the availability of goods in stock. The duties of the staff of the division also includes the control of mutual settlements with customers and preparation of acts of reconciliation.

Staff at the "back-office" provides invaluable assistance to managers, helping with office chores while the last on the route.

The head of the department Natalya Ivanovna Salnikova, with extensive experience in the management of mutual settlements with customers all divisions Valta.

Natalya Ivanovna Salnikova

Head of accounts receivable Valta Pet Products, JSC

Education: Siberian road Institute, specialty "economist – Manager".

Experience: in the Valta successfully operating for over 10 years, came to be an accountant, worked for a long time as "a Leading specialist in accounts receivable", and currently heads a Department.

Shop wholesale Valta Cash&Carry

For clients of our company began operating its first store wholesale trade in 2009, Valta Cash & Carry, located in the city of Podolsk. Now shops Valta Cash & Carry work in 7 cities: Moscow, Podolsk, Krasnodar, Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Vladivostok. Store format allows on favorable terms to buy products Valta portfolio, as well as visually assess the full range of our catalog

Manages the store operations project leader Grigory Borisovich Grigoriev.

Grigory Borisovich Grigoriev

Project Manager Valta Cash&Carry

Education: Moscow University named after S. U. Witte, specialty "Management".

Experience: started career in Valta, Deputy head of the warehouse. Since 2012 successfully manages razvivtiem project Valta Cash&Carry.


The Division "Center"


Management Division "Center" is from the office in Moscow. Heads the division Maria Evgenyevna Voronova, have management experience over 9 years.

Maria Evgenyevna Voronova

Director of Division Center Valta Pet Prodacts, JSC

Education: MGTU im. N. Bauman, specialty "Engineer-technologist".

Experience: started career in the company "Artemis", "Valta" came to work as the assistant Director, then realized in the field of regional sales — went from coordinator to Director of Division.

In its management is branches in Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Perm, as well as employees of regional Department of Valta engaged in the sale on the territory of the Central Federal district of the Russian Federation.

Для улучшения качества работы с клиентами в других городах России в региональном отделе выделены координаторы по работе с зоомагазинами и координатор по работе с ветеринарными клиниками.

Employees of the regional Department responsible and caring attitude to their work. They know all the details of the shipment of goods to any region of Russia and ready to give competent advice on the peculiarities of regional logistics and assortment or benefits of goods Valta.

Manages the work of employees of department supervisor Andrey Aleksandrovich Borisenko, who has extensive management experience.

Andrey Aleksandrovich Borisenko

Supervisor Regional Sales Department of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Education: RSUTS, specialty "lawyer".

Experience: since 2008.

To improve the quality of customer service in other Russian cities in the regional department allocated coordinators to work with pet stores and coordinator to work with veterinary clinics.

Anastasiya Vitalevna Shabrova

Lead coordinator of the regional Department of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Direction: work with the official dealer of "Currency", large regional networks and hospitals.

Education: Novosibirsk State Agrarian University, specialty veterinary surgeon

Experience: since 2008.

Evgenia Sergeyevna Nechayeva

Coordinator of the regional Department of Valta Pet Products, JSC

Direction: work with the regional pet stores and veterinary clinics.

Education: Moscow psychology-social Institute, management of organizations.

Experience: since 2008.

When sending goods to other cities and regions, we resort to the services of the major transport companies, such as LLC "Business Line" TK "Rail Continent", LLC "TZK" (transport temperature), LLC "Baikal Service", LLC "SPSR- Express "(special delivery), OOO" ZhelDorEkspeditsiya ", LLC" ZheldorAlyans "and LLC" Albatros-Logistic ". Transporting fragile goods, delivery of goods and multi-temperature storage, special delivery, guarantee the safety of products - all this allows us to deliver the "door to door" customers products in the form of a conditionally. In addition, our customers save time on finding and choosing a transport company, receive their order in a shop and not concerned with paying bills for transport services.

Some of our customers prefer smaller regional transport companies, who are comfortable financially, or geographic location. In this case, at the request of the customer, we can rearrange the order of any transport company, with the cost of delivery is included in the purchase amount.

Get complete information about the conditions of cooperation can have a personal manager of sales department by filling out the feedback form or contact the office by phone at (495) 797-34-72, (495) 797-34-73.

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