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Initially, city of Bryansk had different name - Dbryansk, derived from the Old Russian word "dbr", which means a mountain slope, ravine, ditch, valley or lowland covered with dense forest and bushes. It was first mentioned in historical annals in 1146, although the exact date of Bryansk foundation is unknown. Archaeological evidence suggests that the city located on the territory of modern Bryansk emerged in the last quarter of the X century, and therefore the city's founding year is believed to be 985.

Throughout its history, Bryansk was repeatedly burned or destroyed by enemy troops or in times of feuds. Despite this, the city grew, its population increased.

Nowadays the city of Bryansk is on the 47th place in term of population among 1114 Russian cities. Bryansk is a major industrial center. Main industries include mechanical engineering and metalworking. The following industries are also developed in the city of Bryansk: chemical industry, electrical industry, electronic industry, wood processing industry, textile industry and food industry.

City of Bryansk is the largest railway junction located at the junction of railways from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Cooperation between Valta Pet Products, CJSC and Fenster Technik, LLC began in the field of retail. Demand for the presented products gave rise to its further growth and development. Since August 1, 2015 Fenster Technik, LLC has become an official dealer of Valta Pet Products, CJSC on the territory of Bryansk Oblast and Smolensk Oblast.

Management of Fenster Technik, LLC:

Artem Anatolyevich Medvedev

Founder of Fenster Technik, LLC


Svetlana Aleksandrovna Medvedeva

Manager of Fenster Technik, LLC


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