The southern part of the Central Federal District has always been of interest to our company in terms of product distribution product portfolio. The proximity to Moscow, the growth of welfare of the population affected by the rapid development of the zoo industry in Tula, Orel, Ryazan and Kaluga regions.

If in the early 2000s, the customer base of these areas is not more than four dozen outlets for the sale of pet, then in 2012 their number exceeded four hundred. At this point, the management of Valta has decided to improve the quality of distribution to organize work in the area of the dealership scheme.

We needed a reliable and promising partner with a serious logistics base, which would have experience in Zoo business in the wholesale segment and to effectively develop in line with current market trends. From that moment begins the history of the company Logistics Valta region, LLC organized by Andrei Valentinovich Pavlov, with whom we have many years of successful and fruitful cooperation.

Andrei Valentinovich Pavlov

The founder of the company Valta region Logistics, LLC

Experience in Zoo business: since 2000, the development of the retail network "zoo" (Tula) and the beginning of cooperation in the Valta, since 2007 - Royal Canin dealership in Tula Region, since 2008 - work with brands Dr.Alders, Daimond, Tetra, Ferplast, Fresh Step and others.

July 1, 2012 "Valta region Logistics",LLC is the official dealer of Valta Pet Products, JSC in the following subjects of the Russian Federation: Tula, Kaluga, Ryazan and Orel regions.

Valta region Logistics, LLC was opened on the basis of «N», LLC which is engaged in wholesale pet products on the territory of Tula and the Tula region for more than five years. «N», LLC provides a full range of services to promote the sale of products and well-known brands of premium and super-class pet.

The head of Valta region Logistics, LLC Evgeny Mikhaylovich Pikalov, who has extensive experience of management activity.

Evgeny Mikhaylovich Pikalov

General Director of Valta region Logistics, LLC

Experience in Zoo business: in July 2009.


Contacts Valta region Logistics, LLC:

Address: 300004, Tula, Proletarskiy district, st. Scheglovskaya abatis, d. 31 (logistics center, Technopark "Tula").

Phone: +7 (953) 960-61-22, +7 (953) 960-61-34, +7 (950) 920-05-93.



Thanks Valta region logistics, LLC our company had the opportunity to ensure that all the outlets in these areas a wide range of quality and popular pet supplies, as well as implement numerous marketing projects and programs:

  • training within the League of Professionals Pet Care;
  • seminars on products;
  • sponsorship of exhibitions of animals or participation in trade events;
  • donations to animal shelters;
  • point of sale (banners, branded hardware, POS materials, etc.).

The stock company Valta region logistics, LLC category "A" area of over 500 square meters and a office area of 36 square meters are located in Tula in the territory of the warehouse complex "Technopark–Tula". Thanks to the excellent technical equipment of the warehouse facility enables us to ensure safe storage of goods, has good transport accessibility.

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