Наша компания в этом году признана «Привлекательным работодателем — 2012».

Подведены итоги шестого ежегодного исследования «Привлекательный работодатель». Среди 500 тысяч российских компаний определены наиболее желанные компании с точки зрения соискателей.

Diligent selection of supplier is the foundation for long-term mutually beneficial partnership. We are honored to cooperate with pet stores, veterinary clinics and pharmacies, wholesalers and professional breeders throughout Russia. According to our statistics, every second client came to us upon recommendation of acquaintances, because Valta is a trusted name. To learn how to become our client in the section Cooperation.

On this page you can read feedbacks from our clients, which will help you to make decision about cooperation.

We are constantly working on improvement of our service and your opinion about us is the success of our business. If you want to leave a feedback please fill the form below or send us an email to

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Valta Region Logistics, LLC, city of Tula, authorized dealer of Valta Pet Products, JSC in Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga and Orel Regions

A. V. Pavlov, Founder

In general, I can talk about Valta for a long time... This Company is all about innovation, advanced sales methods, effective marketing, well-chosen assortment of brands and great employees. But the most important in my opinion is that Valta Pet Products is one of the most advanced companies in the Russian pet products industry!

And, despite all the difficulties the Company faced throughout the history of its development, it survived and still continues to evolve! It speaks for wonderful management and right strategy for business development. All honor to the Company’s management! The second very important component of Valta’s success is its soul, its employees! Their dedication to work and to Valta! This is very impressing! The very atmosphere in the Company and relationship with clients are more like family! Such excellent relationships allow to cope with current difficulties and create basis for further progress, for development of business for the benefit of our companies and our clients!

Etoile Ol’lant Kennel, city of Samara

Olga Kashcheeva, owner

I am a breeder of miniature and toy poodles and owner of Etoile Ol’lant Kennel. I discovered Valta almost immediately after opening of its branch in our city, to which I am very glad. Good range of products for animals that suits any taste. I switched to Eukanuba, which my dogs like very much, and previously it in fact had been difficult to find Eukanuba in Samara. Attitude of the Company’s employees is patient and courteous, they can help and advice about any product. I believe that Valta for our city a real gem. One thing. It would be great to have delivery of products with lesser minimum order quantity, probably not for free, since I do not always can pick up order from warehouse.

Sunrise Dragon Kennel, Moscow

Elena Vladimirovna Artyomenko, owner

I am an owner of Sunrise Dragon Pekingese kennel. Dogs from our kennel live in 41 countries and more than 250 of them have become World Champions, European Champions and International Champions in many countries! I work with Valta almost since its creation, as evidenced by the number of my club card – 004.



All these years the Company’s representatives were very attentive to my requests, kept me informed about all the news on products, regularly sent information on current promotions. I have a reminder for new dog owners, where I give advice on nutrition, eyes and ears care, grooming for dog shows and everyday life.

These recommendations contain references to both Valta and to products distributed by Valta. Virtually with all owners of my dogs I keep a multi-year relationship, and they all come to me for advice, including advices on medical foods and special additives.

I am always very grateful and respectful towards Valta employees and give recommendations on Valta’s products to my customers.



Marika-cats, multibreed cattery for elite cat breeds, city of Moscow

Maria Viktorovna Korven, Breeder Felinologist

Valta is faithful and reliable friend of our cattery. Skilled account managers provide comprehensive advice, are always friendly and willing to help with all our questions. Thereby they confirm their high professional status and efficiency in solving problems. Delivery is always on time with friendly forwarders. We look forward to further cooperation and are willing to recommend Valta as a reliable partner.

Das Lieber Hund, kennel of German Shepherds and Yorkshire Terriers, city of Moscow

Kristina Igorevna Peskova, owner

My dogs like not every food, and I do not want to give them and what they like, as it does not suit them according to different parameters. This is an eternal dilemma for kennel owner! It was hard to choose the food which will like all dogs in our kennel. But by switching to EUKANUBA we finally solved this difficult issue! I like how my dogs look and how they feel now, and they like what I feed to them! Because only EUKANUBA suites perfectly to all my dogs!

GalaGlory Kennel, city of Samara

Savelieva, owner

My GalaGlory Kennel (city of Samara) cooperates with Valta Samara almost from the opening of branch of this wonderful Company in our city. Now there are no more problems with food, ammunition, toys and cosmetics for dogs. Responsive, diligent and committed employees. Door-to-door delivery is prompt and quick. Many thanks to Valta and to Olga Averina personally.

Individual Entrepreneur M. K. Lapina, city of Nizhny Novgorod

Maria Konstantinovna Lapina

I was very lucky that opening of my store coincided with opening of Valta Branch in Nizhny Novgorod. Among all suppliers of pet products in Nizhny Novgorod only at Valta I found wide variety of products to meet the needs of the most discerning customers. I like everything: product range, quality of products, delivery time, packaging. Huge thanks to Alexander Potapov, Branch Director and Marya Azarova, Account Manager for their help in opening my store, for professional consultations, for advices, for prompt work. I really hope that together we will achieve our goals and raise the standard of pet care to a new level. I wish you success and prosperity!

ANSVEL Kennel, city of Nizhny Novgorod

Natalia Sorokina, owner

Although Valta Nizhny Novgorod opened in our city not a long time ago, ANSVEL Kennel had become its regular customer.

First of all I want to note highly professional and customer-oriented employees. Account managers are always ready to answer questions, inform about current promotions and exciting offers, recommend products and help make the right choice.

Warehouse and delivery service operation also deserves the most flattering words: orders are picked quickly and accurately, delivery is prompt.

ANSVEL Kennel wants to thank all employees of Valta Nizhny Novgorod for their work and wishes them continued growth and success.

ARTMINI Kennel, city of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region

Tatyana Valentinovna Anyushkina, owner

It is very nice to do business with the team of Valta Nizhny Novgorod Branch. Very easy to work with Maria Azarova, she is always friendly and responsible. They work with interest, quickly make decisions, offer various options, and provide advice. Sense of teamwork. Maria is a great Account Manager, highly professional.

Individual Entrepreneur D. Yu. Martynov, city of Nizhny Novgorod

Artem Alesandrovich Lartsev, Category Manager (Purchasing Manager)

I want to note successful and fruitful cooperation with Valta (Nizhny Novgorod) and thank for prompt logistics and processing of orders, high level of service and competent advice on the products.

I also want to thank all of its responsive and competent employees, and especially Maria Azarova. We hope for further development of mutually beneficial relationships.

Individual Entrepreneur N. A. Starchikova, city of Nizhny Novgorod

Natalia Starchikova

I learned about Valta in mid-May, 2013. Aquarium husbandry in our city is developed poorly. And from there it all began. In our city it was easy to find Jebo and Triton brands, was harder to find Akvael, there were a lot of different cheap Chinese products, and GBL brand just started to appear in stores.

Advanced aquarists buy food, equipment and other aquarium accessories through joint purchases. Key suppliers at the time did not always have in stock necessary food or products. You could wait ordered bucket of Tetra food for 2 or even 3 weeks, and there were no guarantee that will be delivered exactly what you need. So you either had to buy what was available at the moment or wait for an occasion when someone of your friends go to Moscow and will buy there what you need.

To novice aquarists you can sell all that is available, but I want for people to discover “water world” with quality products so they won’t be discouraged from one of the most beautiful and useful hobbies.

Once someone mentioned to me an unknown fish food at the forum, I was not told its name and was only told that it is manufactured by Tetra. In the evening I started searching the Internet for that food, and eventually found myself at Valta website.

I sent an email. The next day I received reply from Nizhny Novgorod sales representation. I provided my contact phone number. Later in the morning I received a call and on the same day I was visited by Artem Elizarov. He brought price catalog, told about the Company and trademarks. He left a very good impression. We concluded a contract. I was pleased that the products I need are always in stock, delivered very quickly and in proper quality. It is particularly good that I don’t have to wait long time for desired products.

I want to leave a feedback about driver who delivered my orders. He checked availability of products with me and was not hurrying or showing displeasure during this check.

I really enjoy working with Artem Yelizarov. He is very pin and competent employee. He answers quickly to any questions. He is always polite and ready to help.

I would like to wish Valta further grow and development! Gain a foothold in the pet products market of Nizhny Novgorod! Contribute to development of aquarium husbandry and pet products industry in Nizhny Novgorod!

Appearing of Valta have shaken our suppliers and made them to fuss. I am sure that it will bring some benefit to development of pet products industry. Valta started to offer products, which have never been presented in our city.

But I have a small request. For small and recently opened pet stores (like mine, for example) it is very difficult to develop among large chain stores. Therefore, reducing of minimum quantity for delivery would help us to quicker get the necessary products.

Thank you for being here!

Individual Entrepreneur A. V. Titov, city of Novomoskovsk, Tula Region


For many years we’ve been effectively cooperating with Valta Pet Products. Thanks to that Company products from leading manufacturers were introduced in the range of our store and clinic. Working with Valta is nice, easy and comfortable. We are very pleased with a large variety of quality products, prompt resolution of issues and willingness to be of service. We hope for further cooperation. We’re always waiting from Valta interesting, useful and delicious new products for our beloved pets.

Individual Entrepreneur V. G. Musikhin, city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Vitaly Musikhin

I’ve been cooperating with Valta Pet Products since 2008. I admire the Company’s approach to recruitment. At any Valta branch (and we worked with Moscow and Novosibirsk branches) Account Managers always do their job professionally.

I would also like to note willingness of the Company’s representatives to help in addressing the issues, which occurred through no fault of Valta Pet Products, JSC (most often transportation related issues).

Several times I visited Zoosphere and Park Zoo pet products exhibitions. Valta’s booths, their contests and communication with customers attract a lot of attention.

I would like to thank all employees of Valta Pet Products, JSC for their professionalism and wish further development and prosperity., LLC, city of Voronezh

E. A. Paliy, General Director

I would like to thank management and all employees of Valta Pet Products for their great job! First of all, I want to note account managers Kristina Korobkina and Elena Zavyalova. They keep us informed about all changes in prices and product range, new products, promotions conducted by the Company, and give advice on all products.

Special thanks to warehouse employees for accuracy in their work – thanks to proper packing products always arrive safe and sound.

I like very much offered wide product range and the fact that Valta constantly introduces new brands.

I wish to Valta development and prosperity, and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Kibela Veterinary Clinic, city of Moscow

Daria Tambovtseva, Veterinary Clinic Administrator

We very much like to collaborate with Valta Pet Products. Account Manager regularly visits our clinic, talks about new products, promotions, conducts fascinating lectures for doctors, always answer all questions and resolve arising problems! Wet rust Valta and believe in impeccable quality of supplied products. We have absolutely no doubts in goods supplied by Valta!

Umka Veterinary Clinic, city of Moscow

L. A. Goreyko, Senior Administrator

We’ve been working with Valta for two years, and there were no problems with supplies and sales representatives. We are satisfied by cooperation with Valta and hope for further fruitful cooperation.

ZooAkademiya Veterinary Clinic, city of Moscow

We want to express our kind words of gratitude to Valta Pet Products! We’ve been working with Valta for more than 10 years. We like new interesting products and the fact that we can always find in Valta’s catalog something unusual and beautiful for our customers. It is very nice to see professionalism, responsible attitude to work and loyalty to the company in Valta’s account managers. We sincerely wish prosperity and success to this Company.

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