Our Projects

As the leader of the Russian pet products industry Valta is always committed to development of its business and businesses of its partners, actively participates in addressing socially significant issues and develops culture of interaction between people and their pets. With the goal of successfully meeting these challenges Valta has launched its Special Projects. Each Valta’s project is intended to be a response to a particular need of pet products industry.


Club Breeders Valta is designed to help nurseries in their hard work. Already a lot of years, "Valta" delivers the highest quality products that would meet the needs of professional breeders from all over Russia. Now for the members of the Club breeders Valta new opportunities - in addition to the special conditions for ordering goods have a chance to win a car and a lot of valuable prizes!


"Bonus Grant" - a special loyalty program for veterinary clinics. Participants in the program are saving points with every order and can exchange them for valuable prizes. For veterinary clinics are also held a car rally and valuable prizes.


Valta Cash & Carry project is focused on the pet products market players. This project allows each Valta partner to take a look at the full range of products, options of optimum and effective products display and design of points of sale, as well as to purchase interested products on favorable terms. Valta Cash & Carry wholesale store is very popular among owners of small retail and online stores.


League of Professional Pet Care is a project allowing specialists from Valta’s partners to improve their skills, to better understand business processes and to exchange professional experience with Russian and foreign colleagues, to make new and useful contacts.


HvostNews newspaper, which it uses for promotion of its private labels. By distributing this newspaper on the largest specialized exhibitions across the country Valta not only informs wide target audience about benefits of its products, but also helps pet owners to find answers to many of their questions.


Expocat Festival is one of the largest cat shows in Europe. This event creates a culture of feline exhibitions across the country, raises awareness of the problem of stray animals (Find Yourself campaign) and is a unique platform for communication of manufacturers (or their representatives), breeders and cat fanciers and for getting advice on pet care.In addition Expocat Festival is a great opportunity for manufacturers to present their products and increase customer loyalty.


Therefore, all Valta’s special projects have “bilateral” functions – they focused on addressing issues relevant to pet products industry players, breeders, end customers, as well as issues relevant to manufacturers.

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