About Us

Brief History

Valta Pet Products was founded on April 12, 1996 by people with a common interest – love to pets and desire to make lives of pets full, healthy and long.

In 1990’s pet products industry in Russia was only starting to take shape – it was difficult to find quality food, drugs or cosmetics for our pets, there was no regular distribution channels, product range in pet stores did not fully satisfy the needs of customers. In response to such difficult situation we started importing products from Europe and USA. Over time supply of pet products in Russia has evolved from hobby into business.

Thanks to active collaboration with professional breeders and groomers, advices from friends and acquaintances our brand portfolio was forming very quickly. Visiting of foreign trade exhibitions and positive recommendations from leading suppliers became the basis for new contracts. Demanded products and services, effective collaboration with pet products industry players ensured rapid growth of our business and laid foundations for formation of the industry.

Despite the success, we have not compromised our integrity:
today quality and trust is still our credo.

Our company’s name was not chosen by chance. Valta is a word with ancient phonetic roots, which represents strength and power. This is a powerful word, and we try to match it.

Our logo can tell a lot about us: we are constantly moving forward, striving to be recognized, looking for unusual ideas and bright solutions. Boomerang is an embodiment of our values ​​which guide us in decision-making, because it symbolizes return to us of our attitude towards partners, employees or suppliers.

In 2016 the company "Valta Pet Products" won the International Forum Global Pets Forum in the nomination "Think like a leader, act like a leader" - "Think as a leader, act like a leader." The first Russian company to receive this prestigious industry award, which since 1999 is presented annually as part of Global Pets Forum for outstanding achievements in business.

We are always interested in latest scientific developments in the field of everyday pet care and implement the most effective and popular of them. Over the years on the market Valta has gathered in its portfolio all that pet products industry needs – food, vitamins, treats, toys, cages and pet carriers, beds, professional cosmetics for animals, products for grooming, veterinary drugs, anti-parasitic agents, etc. During the last 5 years we are actively developing segment of our private labels.

We provide full information support to our clients. If you need detailed advice on products, our account managers will involve the best experts to that issue. We help to properly organize display of products, support with advertising materials and develop customized marketing programs for our partners.

In the Projects section we cover implemented marketing campaigns aimed at raising awareness of presented brands.

In 2009 for clients of our Company we launched Valta Cash& Carry wholesale store where from Monday to Saturday you can purchase on special conditions necessary products, as well as to visually assess the whole range of our catalog.

Valta today

Extensive regional structure includes 20 branches, 26 regional sales representatives, 4 dealers. Total area of warehouses exceeds 10 thousand sq. m. Vast vehicle fleet provides daily delivery of several hundred orders. For more information about delivery and payment terms please visit Cooperation section.

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